Trophy Taker 4 Pin Sight

Does it really matter what sight you use? You bet it does. I needed something unique. Something special. Then along came Trophy Takers "Top Pin" Sights - Four Pin Sight.

My eyes aren't what they used to be so I needed something that would enhance all my failing physical inadequacies. Trophy Takers - Four pin sights gave me everything I needed and more. The peep alignment ring actually glows in the dark. The level bubble is larger for my tired eyes. The top pin is wrapped with "fiber optic". There are countless adjustments to make sure your pins are right on. This sight is perfect for the weekend warrior or the dedicated hunter spending countless hours in the timber.
I found myself perched in my treestand. After countless hours of moving from one spot to another my karma finally changed or so I thought! I remember my heart beating. It seemed like the buck was walking in rhythm. My adrenaline was pumping. Everything was coming together. I drew back and to my surprise I couldn't see my pin. The low light conditions spoiled the hunt. I was hopping mad. Fast forward 10 months and I found myself in a blind. Pitch black. I looked at my bow with my newly installed Trophy Taker - four pin sight. I could actually see the ground around my sight as the bow leaned against the blind. A black bear stepped into view. Again, I reached for my bow, drew back and put the pin behind the quartering away bear. I could barely make out the bears front shoulder, the rain was coming down so hard. My pin wrapped in "fiber optic" was exactly what I needed to make this hunt a successful one.

Has this happened to you? It is one of the most overlooked pieces of hardware on a bow yet one of the most critical. Technology has changed and Trophy Takers has been on the forefront of those changes.
There are two things that come to mind when selecting a sight and Trophy Takers has them both. They are accuracy and durability. I have carried my bow through some of the worst terrain. I have dropped my bow several times from 16 feet. I have never had to replace a pin. I transported my bow by plane and truck using both a hard and soft shell bow case. This sight has stood up to it all. It shoots with precision accuracy. Last fall I carried my bow 7 miles a day up and down mountains. Never once did I have to make any adjustments.

If you want a sight that you can depend on and forget about at the same time then Trophy Takers sight is the sight for you. I like to try out new technology each fall just to see what is new. I don't think I will be able to find a sight that can outperform this sight any time soon. Equipment:
All Trophy Taker products carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Original owners can e-mail Trophytaker or call 1-406-826-0600 and a friendly representative will help you in a professional and timely manner.
For more information on Trophy Taker Products, please visit their web site at:

Published on:
Dec 31, 1969
Jon Nystrom
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Trophy Taker 4 Pin Sight

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